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Global Transitions Foundation Inc. (ABN: 40 835 497 412) is an Australian registered charity with Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status

Our mission is to help and protect children and enable them to realise their potential. Global Transitions Foundation engages children experiencing transition due to child abuse and neglect, experiencing abandonment and homelessness, and who are orphaned. We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of children through direct care, education and public policy advocacy. Our goal is to make every adult morally responsible for the wellbeing of every child, everywhere. 
  1. Adventure Camps
    Adventure Camps
    High Country Adventure Camp provides young people with an opportunity for personal, social and physical development in a caring and supported social environment.
  2. Kids In Care
    Kids In Care
    Our residential facility accommodates children that are being placed in care for the first time on a contingency (temporary/emergency) basis, until a more suitable long term placement is sought.
  3. Little Stars School
    Little Stars School
    Global Transitions, provides funds for text books, stationery, uniforms and maintenance for the full school year ahead.
  4. Mentors
    The Community Access and Mentoring Program (CAMP) provides individual and/or group support to children and young people up to 18 years, who reside in out-of-home care. The program offers the child/young person opportunities to build their skills and their capacity to increase their confidence, self-esteem and independence to increase socialisation and access to the community through having access to positive role models.
Cambodia House Build 2019
Global Transitions Foundation Inc, with the help of 15 volunteers built a house in five days and had the experience of a lifetime.  

About 80 per cent of Cambodians live in rural areas where a staggering 85 per cent of people do not have access to adequate sanitation and 35 per cent cannot afford to access safe water.

Many families in rural Siem Reap still live on less than $1 a day. We are looking at ways to break the poverty cycle and help these families to become self-sufficient and able to provide for themselves.
The experience of volunteering in Cambodia changed many lives, and not just for the wonderful people we built the house for either. I have travelled to many places around the world with my family, however this was the BEST thing we have EVER experienced together. We feel so privileged to have been able to contribute to the lives of a family in need, and in a way that's significant and lasting.

We worked with our hands, we laughed, we cried and we gave our hearts. In return we were rewarded with the joy of giving and something else I'll never find the words to adequately articulate, however it felt like unconditional love, that we as a team from a world away was able to give, and receive from a family in Siem Reap. They will live forever in our hearts.

The locals were amazing to deal with. They were not just warm and kind, but we felt very safe and in experienced hands. Their level of professionalism was outstanding. I plan to facilitate many more volunteers from Australia to build many more homes in Cambodia. This is something everyone should do, not because you can, but because you should.

Valentine Gonsalves - 

Guntur AP, India 2018
It’s a scourge on modern society. Millions of children around the world are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation with little hope for freedom.

In India the problem is huge. Every year, tens of thousands girls from the poorest parts of the country are trafficked. They are coerced or tricked with false promises of good jobs, then sold into brothels, indentured servitude, or forced into child marriage.

Shiva (name changed) was 9 years old when she ran away from home to escape domestic violence and found herself sleeping at the railway station in Guntur. Shiva at significant risk of being collected from the railway station by brothel owners, being raped and forced into prostitution was thankfully rescued. She was one of the lucky ones. Less than 3 in every 10 children that goes missing in India every day return home.

Crippling poverty, caste discrimination, and a culture that does not value women are all part of the toxic mix that makes girls in rural parts of India easy targets for traffickers. For poor families living on the edge, a girl is an extra mouth to feed. If she can leave her home to earn money for the family, they may be too desperate to look closely at what that really means—the girls become slaves, their young lives cut short by suffering and despair. All too often, they disappear and no money ever comes back.

In Guntur, we met with the woman who saved Shiva and 23 other children, and provides them with love and shelter at her home.

This is Nagamani.
Nagamani is a 32 year old wife & mother.
If you saw Nagamani on the crowded streets of India, you’d never know the strength of her character & spirit. You probably won’t even notice her. But, Nagamani is a true leader.
As a passionate student & advocate of leadership, Here is what we learnt about Nagamani:
- Nagamani works 7 days a week.
- With NO PAY.
- She starts at 7:30am & goes home at 9:30pm everyday 
- 3 years ago, she saw a young child sleeping on a train platform & decided to feed & educate him.
- Since then, she dedicated herself to rescuing abandoned children. 
- Today she has 24 children in her care.
- She hasn’t had a holiday -EVER!
- Her husband is the sole income earner.
Unfortunately, Nagamani does not have the image of someone who will ever command influence, grace the cover of magazines/billboards or attract a following on Instagram.
But Nagamani has won a place in our hearts.
People like Nagamani give humanity continued hope & inspiration.
Her story deserves to be told, and she, and the children in her care deserves our help.
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Ormoc, Philippines 2017

Water for Life

GTF in association with SANCSS facilitated the building of a water harvesting system at Billiboy Elementary School in Ormoc, Philippines. This is just one of many schools in outlying areas that do not have access to water from the city mains. These schools rely on local spring water which can often be contaminated or run out due to the entire community accessing the spring.

By building gutters and running them into a purpose built water tank, the students now have water to flush their toilets, wash their hands and to drink. Your contribution to this  project has greatly impacted on not only the health of the children but also their educational outcomes. Kids are now much happier to go to school, and so are their teachers.

A week after this project was completed a storm front devastated the water supply to the small village, except for the new water tank installed at Billiboy Elementary School - which now provides the surrounding area with uncontaminated water.

It is through support from you that we can provide much needed support services to disadvantaged children and their families in Australia and in places like Ormoc.

We have planned to visit Ormoc in April 2018 to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into another project. Yes you can come too and participate in a life changing adventure. If you are inspired and want to make a physical, or monitory contribution please do not hesitate to contact us through the website.

Thank you.

Changing the World

Helping Children

Global Transitions Foundations management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Global Transitions maintains an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for all people.
Global Transitions employees and management are committed to:
•Recognising and building on peoples strengths is the most effective way to achieve change.
•The best outcomes achieved by the active participation of all the key participants.
•Continuous improvement achieved by encouraging feedback, creativity and diversity.
•A persons life opportunities that are affected by structural factors in society.
•A responsibility to use our practice experiences and work with others to identify barriers, advocate for change and improve relevant social policies.
•Monitoring workplaces, enforcing safe work practices, and communicating the organisations safety performance to employees and other stakeholders.
•Making safety a value-added service that the organisation provides to its staff and clients. 
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