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Kids In Care
The Department of Human Services (Child Protection) (DHS) is the Victorian government department responsible for receiving notifications in relation to child abuse. The notifications are processed and assessed in terms of risk to children. It is sometimes necessary to remove children from the care of their parents/guardians to ensure their safety. When other avenues have been exhausted, these children are sometimes placed in residential units (in care) that are located throughout the State. DHS, or funded organisations are responsible for the management and running of these units and for the care and wellbeing of the children who have been placed there.

Through our experiences we have witnessed many children that have been placed in care, become contaminated. This happens when children already living in care with established patterns of high risk behaviours, such as drug use and criminality, negatively influence (contaminate) children that have been placed at the same residential units due to abuse and or neglect.

Our residential facility accommodates children that are being placed in care for the first time on a contingency (temporary/emergency) basis, until a more suitable long term placement is sought.

The residential unit is a DHS property, and as such will comply with the stringent standards that apply to residential care accommodation, and will be managed by the Operations Manager and staffed by casual agency staff. Funding into this program will be utilised by staffing costs, food, programs and transportation.

We are working to eventually have several units in various regions that will be owned by the Foundation.
Adventure Camp
The aim is to create a safe, supportive environment for young people to develop and enjoy their lives without doing harm to themselves and others; to develop greater confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, self-reliance, and respect for themselves and others through recreation; to reduce boredom, anxiety and depression; to improve physical health and fitness; to promote an understanding and respect for the natural environment; to increase self-confidence. and to have fun !
High Country Adventure Camp Offers programs to anyone aged 12 to 17 at various locations throughout Victoria and provides young people with an opportunity for personal, social and physical development in a caring and supported social environment. Based at Howqua River Camp site with river frontage on Howqua River, approximately 200 km North East of Melbourne our
Camp programs revolve around the activities of horse riding, tobogganing, archery, fishing, bushwalking and much, much more. These trips provide an excellent opportunity to improve physical skills, foster a cooperative community spirit and develop environmental awareness.
High Country Adventure Camp actively seeks participants from a wide range of cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. We encourage participants to develop friendships beyond the usual boundaries of their social groups. Our volunteers and leaders (all with national Police checks) tend to be as diverse a group as the campers. Many leaders have developed their skills and knowledge through participation as campers in previous camp programs. Some leaders have additional skills and qualifications in teaching, outdoor education and social welfare. All our leaders give their time to provide memorable camp experiences, acting as role models and helping to enhance the self-esteem of participants.
Little Stars
Global Transitions Foundation utilises an active management model to assess the needs of underprivileged, abandoned, abused and/or homeless children in developing countries- in consultation with educators and service providers.

In March 2011, the efforts of Mrs Olga Salins, Founder and Principal of Little Stars Anglo-Indian School in Rajahmundry, India, was brought to our attention. Mrs Salins school educates underprivileged children whom would otherwise not have access to school.

We are currently the exclusive sponsors of the Little Stars School. Global Transitions, with anonymous donations, 'like gifts from God', has provided funds for text books, stationery, uniforms and maintenance for the full school year ahead. In 2011 a plan was developed with Mrs Salins in line with her dreams and aspirations for her school. We will consider the possibility of expansion of the school to reach more children, and a dormitory to accommodate homeless and orphaned children. 'Stay tuned', The Little-Stars chronicle will be presented shortly.

Thank you for your generosity and for joining me on my mission to make a difference in the lives of children in need of love and protection. Remember, all your donations go to the cause. There are no overheads, directors fees etc. 100% of your donations go into the programs.